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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Necessary qualifications.

Our team is looking for one of you to fill the following jobs, on behalf of the luxurious Caprice Kitchen Bar Restaurant in Skala Kalloni for the 2022 season. 15 / 04-15 / 10.

The restaurant has state-of-the-art equipment and luxurious facilities, making it an attractive working environment.

1. BD Cook Hot Kitchen

2. Cold Cuisine Student

3. people for Lanza

4. Waiter / Waitress

5. Barista

Necessary qualifications:

1. Degree in Tourism School for the Second Cook

2. Necessary knowledge on occupational health and safety regulations

3. Previous service of at least 2 years in a corresponding position in a luxury restaurant.

4. Teamwork, hard work, time management skills, leadership skills

5. Flexible and cooperative character with professional behavior

6. Insight and ability to handle emergencies effectively

Gravity qualifications

1. Degree in Hospitality or related subject or Tourism

2. Good theoretical knowledge about Wine and wine tasting

3. Knowledge of additional foreign language besides Greek and English

4. Good knowledge in the use of computers, ability to use POS and PDA

5. Excellent experience in customer service and management

6. Qualifications of interpersonal communication, commitment to the team and team spirit

7. Knowledge of restrictive laws or prohibitions on the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Plus skills (will be considered in your application as an advantage over other candidates)

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Welcome guests and presentation of the menu

2. Responsible for serving all meals in the restaurant (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

3. Receiving and executing orders according to the standards of the organization and in a friendly but also direct way

4. Familiarize customers with the menu by answering any questions or suggesting alternatives at the customer's request

5. Complaints management and immediate resolution of requests

6. Regular customer satisfaction checks on the dishes they have chosen and taking corrective actions to fulfill top customer experience

7. Responsible management of cash or credit card receipts

8. Excellent knowledge of the menu of each season and promotion of special dishes of the day

9. Cooperation with the Kitchen department or colleagues in the service of the restaurant

10. Preparation and care of the dining area

11. Maintaining a clean and tidy working environment

12. Cultivating warm relationships with colleagues and customers and ensuring mutual satisfaction

13. Proper organization

14. Promote consumption of food, beverages and soft drinks in a polite way and for the benefit of the customer experience.

15. Well-groomed and professional appearance.

Soft skills

We are looking for candidates with a charismatic personality.

The aspects of personality that we will recognize as an advantage when selecting candidates are summarized as follows:

1. Emotional intelligence

2. Personal development mentality

3. Warm acceptance of feedback from Management or colleagues and utilization of comments or information in a creative way

4. Flexibility and adaptability to new data and situations

5. Active listening

6. Work ethic

7. Discipline, consistency and diligence


1. Competitive remuneration package

2. Secured payment per month

3. Training in high standards of service

4. Possibility of residence (concerns residents outside Lesvos)

5. Opportunities for development in a senior position within the company

6. Work in a pleasant, dynamic and growing professional environment

7. Generous tip

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