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The team of Caprice Kitchen - Bar consists of professionals with many years of work experience in the catering industry.

In the kitchen, the leader of the group is Chef George Katechos, who will amaze you with his unique and deliberate dishes.

In the hall, Ioannis Gagoulis will welcome you as the restaurant manager and the person who cares for you to have a pleasant time as possible.

At the Bar, our qualified Bartenders are always ready to prepare the best summer cocktails for you.

Skala Kallonis, Lesvos island

Greece P.C 81107

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Giorgos Katechos​ - EXECUTIVE CHEF

For me, cooking is not just art, it's science. Just as a chemist must use the right elements to succeed in his experiment, so in cooking, by matching the right combinations of ingredients, you achieve the "ultimate" taste. The difference between chemistry and cooking is that cooking cannot be learned from books, you have to have it inside you, to feel the ingredients as a taste, to combine them gastronomically before you even use them and be able to bring to mind the result of the taste, along with the effect of the visual image of the food on the plate.


Fortunately, our country is rich in various kinds of herbs, condiments, spices, fish and legumes and generously gives you the opportunity and choice to create flavors full of simplicity and aroma, flavors known to all of us, flavors that evoke of Greece. I have been relying on these materials for years now, using them in their day and combining them tastily. And these materials have never disappointed me!

Work experience

  • Hotel Intercontinental Cyprus

  • Aphrodite Hills Resort Executive Sous Chef

  • Thalassa Small Luxury Hotels of the World

  • Cyprian Bay Riu

  • Aeolian Village Grecotel Lesvos.

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Ioannis Gagoulis​ - RESTAURANT MANAGER


With his many years of experience in the catering industry, "Yiannis" has worked as a maître and staff manager in restaurants and hotels in Greece and abroad.


He has been with us since the beginning of our restaurant as a staff and hall manager. Always with a smile and a beautiful mood, he welcomes you all these years with his unique goal of making your experience at Caprice Kitchen Bar as enjoyable as possible.

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